Pedagogy Is King

A collaborative site on the importance of great teaching skills.


Pedagogy Is King is a collaborative effort by three teachers to focus on the fundamentals of great teaching and learning.  Although you will find some written posts, the majority of this blog will contain conversations between the three.  Our hope is that you will be inspired and challenged to reflect on your own personal practice as a result of our conversations and interactions.  Check us out below, and you will see that although we are three very distinctly different people, we share a number of core beliefs.

Kenya Ransey is a Technology Integration Specialist for a large school district in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia.  Kenya spent ten years of her career as an educator specializing in personalizing young students’ learning experiences. Kenya began consistently incorporating technology into her classroom to increase and streamline parent communication, and to provide students with special needs opportunities to participate in their own learning in ways that were otherwise non-existent.  To Kenya, technology is a multi-purpose tool which, when used with intention, has the capacity to transform any and all aspects of our personal and professional lives.

Leah Kurtz is an Instructional Technology Coach for a county in metro Atlanta, Georgia.  She has been an educator for eleven years, having spent the first nine years of her career as a high school Social Studies teacher.  She has taught a wide range of Social Studies courses, including inclusion classrooms, Advanced Placement, and small group ESOL classes.  Throughout her years in the classroom, she found technology to be a great way to connect her content with what students already loved.  To Leah, technology should not be a special occasion; rather, technology is at its best in a class when it is a seamless part of the everyday interactions within a classroom.

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